Our Packages

Paintball Commando offers a range of packages to suit all kinds of players, whether you're Vassili Zaitsev or John J. Rambo we have you covered. All of our packages include entrance to the site, kit, marker hire and refreshments. Alongside these packages we offer paintballs in pots of 100. If you've used 300 then it's £8 per 100, if you've used 500 then it's £7 per 100 and once you go over 1000 paintballs it's £6 per 100. Please note that these deals are per person, sharing paint is not permitted.

Paintball Commando also offers a "Pay as you Play" option. This will cost £7.99 for site entry and then you'll pay £8 per 100 paintballs you use. This option includes kit and marker hire aswell as refreshments.

Package prices for Low-Impact can be found here and Hen Parties can he found here.

Lieutenant Package

300 Paintballs - £25

Colonel Package

500 Paintballs - £35

General Package

1000 Paintballs - £60

Pay As You Play

£7.99 Entry + £8 per 100 Paintballs