The Village

A customer favourite - This attack and defence game is one for the John J. Rambo's out there. The attacking UN Forces are dropped at the LZ and must get across the ravine, locate the rebel village and obtain the nuclear bomb. Beware the rebels coming from their stronghold... if you can... destroy it.

Bridge Assault

One of our most challenging games as one team must guide and defend players hidden behind large shields over bridges and towards flags whilst protecting their own entrenched position. The hidden catch with this game is that any hint of cowardice may result in your court martial!


5..4..3..2..1.. Game on.. Take control of as many of the base units as your team can & keep control until the final hooter. If you lose your base you must regroup, formulate a new strategy & once more raise your flag for the glory & the honour.

Search & Rescue

This mission sees you going deep into enemy territory in order to save a downed pilot. You must traverse the forest until you reach the ambushed convoy where you’ll find a stretcher you can use to carry the injured pilot to his medevac helicopter. It’s not as easy as it sounds though as enemy forces are well positioned throughout this whole area and their only objective is to stop you.

The 'Nam

Bogs. Elephant grass. Swampy marshland. Vietnam. This is our biggest game zone and perfect for anyone tactically minded as tactics are the best way to win. Flank ‘em, charge ‘em, ambush ‘em or even sneak up in the long grass to reach and recover your objective! However, at Paintball Commando it’s not just the other players you have to watch out for, the ‘nam is home to a creature we call the Predator.

Missile Deactivation

Militants have taken control of three strategic nuclear bunkers. Your mission is to one by one push back the rebels so your team mates can regain control of the bunkers by deactivating the lighting sequence… Get this wrong and it could be another Chernobyl.

Capture The Flag

This is the simplest game that we have, usually played as the first game of the day and designed to get all combatants used to the equipment we use. Two teams, two flags and two bases… Just don’t get entrenched & watch your 6.


The final mission of the day. Alamo. You need to hold your position and prevent the enemy from capturing the objections in front of your position in the tower. You are few, the enemy many. This game is for the brave only. Remember the Alamo. Respect.