• 0930 HOURS

    You arrive at Base Camp, check in and get kitted up before listening to our comprehensive safety briefing.

  • 1030 HOURS

    Boot camp begins with two short games so you can get a feel for the sport. This will be followed by two more games with harder objectives.

  • 1330 HOURS

    Dinner time in Base Camp where you will enjoy a three-course meal and refreshments before heading out to re-engage the enemy.

  • 1600 HOURS

    Typical end to the day where you will return to Base Camp for a final de-briefing and the days winners announced.

Adults Paintballing

Paintball is a truly unique sport that brings out the best in every player. It tests your bravery, wit and skill as a tactical individual, as well as promoting teamwork and reinforcing friendships. Even your co-workers - you rely on them in the office, but when your game life is in their hands can you really trust them on the battlefield?

Paintball is labelled as an ‘extreme sport’, although almost anyone can play - old, young, men, women, fit and unfit, veterans or cadets just joining the paintball ranks.

The game is played with an air powered semi-automatic marker, our new GOG Enmy. To ‘kill’ a player, a successful shot must splat on your opponent, the paintball bursting to release the bio-degradable paint and ‘mark’ your enemy. Have you got what it takes to take out your best friend?

However, at Paintball Commando it’s not just the other players you have to watch out for... In the woods lurks a vicious Predator, waiting to sneak into a game and take out unsuspecting players! An alien hunter with no limits and plasma cannon, it will shoot on sight any player of any team... unless you’re standing perfectly still. Do not move - pray, pray very hard - and it might not see you!

Be aware, if you come to Paintball Commando for your Stag Do then we'll have a surprise for you...