Welcome to Paintball Commando

  • The UK's safest paintballing site with over 29 years of experience

    Established in 1988, our family-run paintball business has over twenty years experience of paintballing know-how and we're proud to be a pioneer in the sport of paintball, being one of the first in the industry with the original Splat Masters in the late '80s, progressing to Woodsball with CO2 markers and more recently our introduction of environmentally friendly air-powered markers, once again forging ahead and setting the benchmark for sites up and down the country.

    We are the safest paintballing site in the UK, with an impeccable safety record. Fully experienced marshals and the latest investment in NEW GOG Enmy markers for adults and Spyder Opus .50cal for children means everything is in place for your perfect, unbelievably fun and adventurous day out!

    A site accessible by those living in or around Wakefield, Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Selby, Wetherby, Doncaster, Barnsley, York, Hull and from much further afield.